Frequently Asked Questions

Q. I have registered for an account and received an email but I still cannot log on?
A. Each account is moderated,  we aim to moderate all accounts within 2-3 working days, however it can take a little longer at times due to large volumes of account creations. Please bear with us! You should receive a second email letting you know the account has been successfully moderated. 
Q. How can I remove the VAT from my order?
A. If you are outside of the UK and have a valid VAT number, please add the VAT number without the country code to the shipping address. The total will update.
Q. How can I remove the VAT from the order if I do not have a VAT number?
A. Please choose the Bank Transfer method at the checkout. This will generate the order but will not charge you. A member of the Red Cuckoo team will be in contact regarding the final total. 
Q.I have a credit on my account, but I can’t see it at the checkout?
A.If you have a credit on your account, please choose the bank transfer method, this will generate the order but not charge you. A member of the Red Cuckoo Team will contact you with the amended total. 
Q.I am trying to put an order through but one of the bags I want is not online any more.
A.All Items in stock are online, any item coming back in stock will show as an out of stock. However if the image has completely gone, we have sold out.
Q. I am trying to look at the collection but I cannot see the images or prices. 
A. Please ensure you are logged in to view all prices and images. If this is the first time you are visiting Red Cuckoo, please register for an online account.
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